Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ghost Writing For You

A ghost writer is someone who is hired to write for another person under their name. In most cases ghostwriters do the work while the hiring person gets the credit. The use of a ghost writer is huge business. People in virtually every aspect of life could use a ghost writer. A ghost writer will need the ability to become the person they are writing for. The writer has to be able to use their mannerisms, their words, and their way of speaking. The writing must read like they are coming from the person themselves. Being a ghost writer means that you give absolutely all rights to the credited author. You will need to decide if it is worth it for someone else to take credit for your work. There will be confidentiality clauses in your ghost writing contracts. They will state something to the effect of legal action will be against you if the writing is reproduced by you in any way shape or form.
There are numerous reasons why a person would use a ghost writer. Celebrities and public figures use them to write their biographies and memoirs. Ghost writers are hired to make celebrities sound as interesting and intriguing as possible. Their purpose is to make the stories into best selling books. Motivational speakers may use a writing collaborator to write self help books. Just because they are great speakers does not mean they can pen the words on paper. Or they may simply not have the time.
Writing opportunities such as these are plentiful. Some examples of nonfiction writing are memoirs, autobiographies, biographies and how to books. A ghost writer's role in non fiction can vary in complexity. Sometimes they are only asked to add finishing touches to a manuscript. Other times, they might have to start from scratch, doing research for the project and working on it until it is published.
Accomplished fiction writers may use these writers to carry on a series of books after the author has passed or to carry out the series while they work on new things. The Author may have an established pen name that they use a ghostwriter for, while they write under the real name. Ghosts are often used for scripts and screen plays. They are hired to finish and polish the writings of the authors.
High school and college students will frequently hire ghost writers to write their entrance essays, thesis, and term papers. Although this may seem corrupt, it is legal. The writing and selling of the paper is completely legal. It is when the student turns the paper in as his or her own writing that it turns into an illegal action.
The political venue for this kind of writer is to respond to the letters that they receive. Officials will look over the letters before being sent. A political speech writer is frequently considered a ghost writer. But others will argue this, since it is general knowledge that political officials do not write their own speeches.
In order to succeed you must have excellent writing skills and often be able to take on the personality of the credited author. You must also be a great sales person in order to sell your service and be able to prove that you are the best possible choice for them to use you in their endeavors. Making the decision if ghost writing is right for you may be a difficult one. It is often hard for writers to give up all rights to their work.

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