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The Biggest Misconceptions About Plagiarism

Students should always be careful to avoid plagiarism when writing term papers and essays. There are severe academic consequences for students caught plagiarizing even a portion of their term paper - most will automatically receive a failing grade, and in many cases the student will be expelled from school entirely.
The reason why plagiarism is treated so seriously by teachers, professors, and school administrators is that plagiarism is considered a form of cheating. By copying another person's words or ideas without citing the source, not only are you failing to give proper credit to the author, but you are passing the work off as your own. You falsely represent to the reader of your essay (ex. your professor) that you came up with the words and ideas by yourself. This is no different than copying an exam answer off a classmate and pretending that you arrived at the answer yourself.
Actively remembering to cite your sources of information and recognizing the consequences for not doing so will help prevent deliberate cases of plagiarism. However, even well-intentioned students can get in trouble by failing to understand what constitutes as plagiarism and what does not.
The biggest misconception about plagiarism is that you only need to cite a source when you've directly copied the words of that source - for example if you copied a sentence word-for-word from a book into your term paper. These students mistakenly think that if you change the words of the sentence or put the author's ideas in your own words, it is not necessary to cite the source. This is not true!
Students must provide a citation whenever information from another source is used in their essay, even if the original words were changed. Plagiarism counts not only when you borrow other people's words, but also when you borrow their thoughts or ideas. Therefore, paraphrasing is not a substitute for citation. Neither is summarizing. The only time you can use information without attribution or credit is when the information is considered common knowledge - something that is generally accepted as a fact or can be easily found in reference materials.
Here are some other myths about plagiarism:
Plagiarism only counts if most of the research paper was plagiarized. FALSE: Even if only one phrase or sentence in the essay was copied without attribution, it is still considered plagiarism. It is easy to get away with plagiarism because it is so hard to detect and prove.
FALSE: Not only are teachers and professors experts in their subject matter and therefore likely to be familiar with the source you are plagiarizing, but educators are increasingly using Internet tools that can automatically detect even minor cases of plagiarism.

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5 Tips for Overcoming Writer's Block

Writer's block can be a serious issue, especially for those of us who "live by the pen." I have a rather arbitrary definition of writer's block with which readers may or may not agree. Writer's block is not what happened to me during college the night before a term paper was due and I sat blankly staring at a computer screen having just come back from the college library with an armful of books and a few scholarly articles I had managed to copy as the librarian was locking up for the night. That was simply lack of planning. You cannot wait for inspiration to hit when the seeds of the idea have not even been sewn. After those hard lessons of college, I learned an ounce of prevention was worth about 8 hours of sleep. As a non-fiction writer, writer's block is also not what those major fiction authors must feel when the Amazonian-like rivers of their creative juices suddenly stop flowing two hundred pages into their latest novel. It probably feels like being struck blind or deaf. I really wouldn't know because I don't work on that grand a scale.
My craft consists of writing fact-intensive, repetitious pieces of non-fiction for a very small audience of jaded readers who probably read 30 or 40 similar works each day. The challenge is to make my work stand out and motivate the reader, and for me, writer's block is a blase feeling I get when I look at my subject matter, and I cannot imbue it with that special something that makes it come off the page and take on a life of its own. I cannot motivate the reader because I have no feel for the subject and I do not feel motivated, or I feel the opposite, negative feelings for the subject that I must work through to make it shine. That is the nature of writer's block for me, trying to write a respectable piece even though I have no feel for the subject or am completely uninspired by the subject.
When writer's block hits, these tricks of the trade help me through the rough spots, and let me produce work even when my Muses are not with me. I hope these suggestions can help you overcome your writer's block or at least help you to produce some writing despite the lack of inspiration.
1. Keep writing. Even though you may be critical of the words that may be flowing from your fingertips, it is better to still get your thoughts down on your piece and then edit it or rewrite it. Many successful writers work by the "rewriting" method and polish a piece after many rewrites. If you have one or two uninspired writing sessions, it should not matter if you are continually working on the piece. Moments of inspiration will probably hit frequently enough over time that an off day will not affect the quality of the final piece.

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Academic Writing Help

Academic writing help thrives on the use of rationality. Resources, research, and reasoning are the guiding facets of academic writing help. It is thesis oriented and purpose driven. The facts, figures, and points of views call for a cogent and logical analysis. It is essential to realize that academic papers are different than other types of writing. For instance, as opposed to a letter to a friend or an informal article, academic papers are a formal type of writing. Although contractions are acceptable in informal or friendly writing, they are not used in formal, academic writing. Furthermore, with the exception of essays and term papers, a bibliography or reference page is usually required in academic writing.
Academia is replete with a wide variety of disciplines and within these subjects is a virtually limitless range of subtopics and theses. Nevertheless, regardless of your academic level and whether you are writing an essay, research paper, term paper, thesis, MBA thesis, or Ph.D. dissertation, students are expected to adhere to the specific conventions of writing.
To best support the thesis statement, the professionals who offer academic writing help understand the importance of using relevant, cited, and up-to-date facts and figures. In addition, their understanding of structure results in superb writing. An academic writer has to be research oriented and analytic in his or her approach. A student who hires services that provide academic writing help will be better prepared to leap over any hurdles that may be impeding successful writing.
Much depends on the presentation and organization of factual information and the flow of logical ideas that support the thesis statement. When done well, the reader is able to fulfill his or her zeal for curiosity and leaves with a new perspective of the topic. As such, it is necessary for an academic writer to delve deeply into the details of an idea to be able to establish and thoroughly support the overall viewpoint or thesis statement. Whether you need help researching, organizing your writing, editing, or simply want an honest assessment and suggestions or improvement, academic writing help is the answer.

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Ghost Writing For You

A ghost writer is someone who is hired to write for another person under their name. In most cases ghostwriters do the work while the hiring person gets the credit. The use of a ghost writer is huge business. People in virtually every aspect of life could use a ghost writer. A ghost writer will need the ability to become the person they are writing for. The writer has to be able to use their mannerisms, their words, and their way of speaking. The writing must read like they are coming from the person themselves. Being a ghost writer means that you give absolutely all rights to the credited author. You will need to decide if it is worth it for someone else to take credit for your work. There will be confidentiality clauses in your ghost writing contracts. They will state something to the effect of legal action will be against you if the writing is reproduced by you in any way shape or form.
There are numerous reasons why a person would use a ghost writer. Celebrities and public figures use them to write their biographies and memoirs. Ghost writers are hired to make celebrities sound as interesting and intriguing as possible. Their purpose is to make the stories into best selling books. Motivational speakers may use a writing collaborator to write self help books. Just because they are great speakers does not mean they can pen the words on paper. Or they may simply not have the time.
Writing opportunities such as these are plentiful. Some examples of nonfiction writing are memoirs, autobiographies, biographies and how to books. A ghost writer's role in non fiction can vary in complexity. Sometimes they are only asked to add finishing touches to a manuscript. Other times, they might have to start from scratch, doing research for the project and working on it until it is published.
Accomplished fiction writers may use these writers to carry on a series of books after the author has passed or to carry out the series while they work on new things. The Author may have an established pen name that they use a ghostwriter for, while they write under the real name. Ghosts are often used for scripts and screen plays. They are hired to finish and polish the writings of the authors.
High school and college students will frequently hire ghost writers to write their entrance essays, thesis, and term papers. Although this may seem corrupt, it is legal. The writing and selling of the paper is completely legal. It is when the student turns the paper in as his or her own writing that it turns into an illegal action.
The political venue for this kind of writer is to respond to the letters that they receive. Officials will look over the letters before being sent. A political speech writer is frequently considered a ghost writer. But others will argue this, since it is general knowledge that political officials do not write their own speeches.
In order to succeed you must have excellent writing skills and often be able to take on the personality of the credited author. You must also be a great sales person in order to sell your service and be able to prove that you are the best possible choice for them to use you in their endeavors. Making the decision if ghost writing is right for you may be a difficult one. It is often hard for writers to give up all rights to their work.

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Effective Advertising Research Strategies

One of the most effective and specialized forms of marketing is advertising. A large number of effective advertising research strategies are available, that can promote your business and generate more revenues. All you need to do is look for various information sources for your research on an advertising strategy. Make sure that the advertising research strategy is optimized for a specific medium, like television, radio or internet.
Information Sources
Some of the effective information sources for developing an improved advertising research strategy are listed below: 
  • Market Reports - Reports containing complete information about an industry including market research, shares, consumer survey results and feedback can prove to be very useful in formulating an effective advertising research strategy and promoting your product and services.
  • Other Articles - These include newspapers, magazines and journals. It is the most popular medium to determine a company's marketing strategy and advertising practices.
  • Demographic Data - It is used for targeting a specific consumer market.
  • Types Of Advertising Research - There are two types of advertising research, including customized research and syndicated research:
  • Customized Research - A customized research is usually conducted to address the needs of a specific client and the results of the research are accessible only by that particular client.
  • Syndicated Research - It refers to a single research strategy, whose results are available for sale to more than one company.
Pre Testing 
It is a customized research, conducted to analyse the market performance of an ad before it is marketed. This includes analysis of audience attention, motivation, entertainment and communication. It is one of the most widely used methods to determine the weak points of an ad and to work on them to enhance its popularity among the audience.
Post Testing
It can be either customized or syndicated. It is most commonly known as ad tracking which gives periodic or continuous updates on in-market research to monitor a product's performance. It includes analysis of product awareness, preference of the product, usage and popularity among consumers. It is done either through telephonic interviews or online interviews.
All types of business organizations need effective advertising research strategies, for profit as well as commercial purposes. A complete understanding of marketing fundamentals, advertising, public relations and promotion, sales and marketing research, and financial analysis can help your business gain more returns on the investment. The main objective of an advertising research strategy is to find an effective solution to customer's problem in such a way that it is profitable to the business organization. It is essential for ensuring current business development as well as future business success.

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How Advancements in Technology Are Causing Obesity in Today's Children

There are times when I'm writing that I just stare out the window thinking. I have often observed young people walking down the sidewalk with ear buds in and text messaging. I get the feeling that this continues when the young person gets home.
Texting: I admit that I will text someone in the house with me rather than go and talk to them. That is usually because I am downstairs and they are upstairs. If I am doing that I'm pretty sure that kids are. Why get up and go to where a person is if you can text?
Too Busy: When my teachers gave assignments they had to keep in mind that we would have to physically go to the library to get information for any reports or term papers. That was calculated into the amount of time given for the assignment to come due.
That isn't needed anymore. In fact, schools are giving children as young as sixth grade iPads so they can finish their assignments faster. All the teachers think it's great because the children can learn more and faster. That's great... unless your child has five teachers that want a four page (word processed) report with bibliography inside a week. When is the child supposed to get exercise?
Instant Gratification: If you want to know something there are pieces of technology all over most of our houses that will help you do so. If you want to watch something you don't have to go to a video store. There are quite a few companies that provide what you want to watch from the comfort of your living room. The same applies to many video games. If you want to buy something you don't have to go to the store.

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Think Tank Input - It is Not What You Think

Ever wonder how Think Tanks are able to come up with some of the ideas and innovations that they do? Well, it is not what you think. The members come from various backgrounds with only some commonality. Their best chance for a revolutionary break through is to have massive input from experiences, education, observations, dialogues, research and reading.
Let us take a day in the life of the Online Think Tank and consider some of the books they reviewed and topics discussed to get the group humming and ready to win. Below is today's book list and we shall dissect them and what was entered into an on-going dialogue.
"Viruses, Plagues and History" by Michael B. A. Oldstone - 1998. The book discusses Smallpox, Measles, Influenza, Laasa, Hanta, HIV- AIDS, Polo, Yellow Fever, BSE, CJD, and Ebola viruses. The book discussed; H1N1, H2N2, H3N2 and the re-emergence of the H1N1 Russian Flu. It paints a grim look into the future as the World comes closer together and although not mentioned specifically makes one realize the dangers of mutations and evolutions of the HIV-AIDS virus and the Bird Flu H5N1 virus. Chronic Waste disease is also an issues as well as such things as possibilities of human assisted bio-weaponized viruses, such as a Flu mixed with an Ebola strain. Not very pleasant to think about, but very important to watch closely.
The Online Think Tank has been working with various ways to protect the United States in the event of such a Biological Situation causing a catastrophe. How real is this situation - very real and it is important to consider, as our entire civilization and society could one day in the future be at risk.
"Communion - A True Story" by Whitley Strieber, 1987. The UFO field is often poo' poo'ed by academia and folks like Whitely Strieber have been ridiculed, but why? We all know there are anomalies in the life experience and many cannot be explained away so easily. Religion tries to explain away phenomena, so does science, yet we know that are both are proximities or partial guess and only bathed in limited observation and truth. So, why give Whitley Strieber a hard time for his claimed experiences, as it is nothing more than a competing explanation, no worse than many religions. Indeed science itself is constantly revising its theories and explanations.
It is somewhat ego-centric to think that there is no life other intelligent life in the Universe and arrogant to think that human beings are at the top of the top of the food chain in that regard. If we think on the reality of Drake's Equation and listen to the words of such folks as Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan or Steven Hawking, then it would be hard to deny. Whether Communion is real, based on a perceived experience or complete Science Fiction really makes no difference, these thoughts and concepts must be discussed and considered.
"The Power to Get What You Want Out of Life" by Frank A. Kostyu - 1964. Many people consider this book a classic motivational book, one of the first big ones and I tend to agree with this. Dreaming and believing to achieve is a main point of the book and emerges in the introduction and first chapter as central considerations to those who wish to succeed and fulfill their desires. Imagination, visual imagery and will are parts of this central theme, coupled with a positive mental attitude. The book discussing decision making, how to get things done, controlling emotions, as well as using anger, humor and laughter to get there quickly.
It seems so often many give up their life experience and focus through various efforts of social engineering, religion, politics, and or trickery. Often those in a leadership position use tactics, which are against the best interests of the individual to get them to perform or move their line of thinking and direction. It is important to understand what you want and strive to secure it while making sure no one else is damaged by your pursuits.

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